Residential Cooling with Misting

Residential Cooling with Misting

Summer heat can make it unbearable to enjoy patios or yards. Pets and plants also suffer in intense heat, but our outdoor cooling misting systems offer a solution. Our systems provide a simple, cost-effective and visually pleasing way to lower temperatures by 10-12°C outdoors and indoors without making surfaces wet.

Our misting systems work by atomizing water into fine droplets and mixing it with air to create a cooling mist. The mist cools the surrounding air by evaporation, effectively reducing temperatures. This not only makes outdoor spaces more comfortable but also helps keep pets and plants healthy.

They can be retrofitted to existing structures or incorporated into new construction, making them versatile options for any home or business. We also customize the systems to fit specific needs and budgets.

Our outdoor cooling misting systems allow customers to enjoy their outdoor spaces year-round while keeping their pets and plants healthy. They are a simple and affordable solution to beat the heat and make outdoor spaces more comfortable and enjoyable.

Cooling Principle

Our specially designed misting nozzles, powered by a high-pressure pump, force water through to create a fine fog of ultra-fine water droplets with an average size of less than 10 microns. This process is called evaporative cooling, it’s what makes you feel cool when a breeze strikes your skin. The tiny water droplets absorb the heat present in the environment and evaporate into water vapor, which eliminates the heat from the environment and cools the air.



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