Portable Cooler MT-M502

Portable Cooler MT-M502

MT-M502-Cool water cooling fan is the largest water cooling in our fan lineup. The diameter of the fan blade is 50” (1270 mm). It’s suitable for large and wide space such as factories, farmhouses, outdoor resorts…etc.

**The Ultraviolet Light model is available for food, medical or hygiene related industries.

Voltage 1, 220V
Fan Blades 50” 3 SMC Fiberclass Blades
Motor 2HP
Inverter 3HP
Rotating Speed
660 RPM
Swinging Shutters X
Cooling Capacity 500 m²
Air Volume 48000 CMH
Water Storage 230 L
Weight 160 kg
Size (L*W*H) 180*88*220 cm
1100 W/H±10%

*All models are CE Certified. (2019) 50/60 HZ are optional

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