Beat the heat and cool down your space with our portable evaporative coolers. These cost-effective and energy-efficient units work by drawing in hot air and passing it through a wet filter, resulting in cool, humidified air. Perfect for spot cooling or areas without central AC, they’re also a great alternative to traditional AC systems. Save money on energy bills while enjoying refreshingly cool air with our portable evaporative coolers.

Voltage 1, 110V
Fan Blades 18” 3 Nylon 6 + Fiber Blades
Motor 1/3HP
Inverter 0.75 HP
Rotating Speed
1380 RPM
Swinging Shutters O
Cooling Capacity 120 m²
Air Volume 14000 CMH
Water Storage 60 L
Weight 45 kg
Size (L*W*H) 74*50*130 cm
Power Consumption
355 W/H±10%

*All models are CE Certified. (2019) 50/60 HZ are optional