MTC100001Pre-wired digital humidistat “IT-PRO” 230V-50Hz
MTC100002Digital thermostat “IT-PRO” 230V-50Hz -50-200°C
MTC100003External digital timer 230V-50Hz – SCHUKO socket and plug
MTC100003YExternal digital timer 120V 60Hz – SCHUKO socket and plug
MTC100004External digital timer 400V-50Hz – 3PH socket
MTC100005External digital timer 400V-50Hz – 3PH socket 10HP
MTC100008Pre-wired digital humidistat “IT-PRO” 400V-50Hz
MTC100009Pre-wired digital thermostat “IT-PRO” 400V-50Hz -50+200°C
MTC100031Professional Humidity probe UR 0-20mA
MTC100032Professional Temperature probe PT-100
MTC100033Professional Humidity probe UR 0-20mA PRO-2
MEC100001Pre-wired digital humidistat “PRO” 230V-50Hz
MEC100003External digital timer 230V-50Hz – SCHUKO PLUG+PIN
MEC100007VAR pumps parameter controller/programmer
MEC100008Pre-wired digital humidistat “PRO” 400V-50Hz
MEC100009Humidity and temperature regulator “PRO”
MEC100021Digital humidistat+thermostat+timer “ITTS-PRO” 400V-50Hz
SKU: MTC100001, MTC100002, MTC100003, MTC100003Y, MTC100004, MTC100005, MTC100008, MTC100009, MTC100031, MTC100032, MTC100033, MEC100001, MEC100003, MEC100007, MEC100008, MEC100009, MEC100021
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