Odor Control


Odor Control

Our systems are effective on both solid and liquid waste and the process involves the atomization of neutralizing chemicals (to block the odor perception), odor absorbers (which modify the compounds that cause odors) or completely natural bio-neutralizers that modify the natural decomposition and prevent the formation of odor by means of biodegrading action.

It is possible to operate in large outdoors and surround with the misting sprayers the entire landfill area or inside buildings where waste treatment processes occur, water treatment plants, livestocks, chemical industry, petrochemical refineries.


The advantages are the low costs if compared to other odor control systems based on water atomization. Energy costs are very low and the installation is very fast considering that the systems are supplied in various solutions, or pre-assembled with simple quick couplers.


Odor destructive reagents are completely natural extracts of plants (essential oils and similar), these are not perfumes or masking agents but products that once sprayed close to odorous gases, absorb them and transforms them into biodegradable or non-odorous compounds. These products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-flammable, non corrosive, biodegradable. They consist of elements also commonly used in food and cosmetics industry.

The system for the spreading of odor neutralizers, consists of a high pressure pump that pressurizes the liquid solution at 70 bar pressure, which is pushed by a Polyamide or Noxide tubing, and sprayed in the environment by patented mist nozzles. Reagents in the form of thin mist with 10 microns diameter droplets, remain suspended in the air and then evaporate without wetting or dripping, making the system very efficient. Neutralizer’s molecules combines physically with the odor molecules and destroys them completely.

Environmental odors as a result of chemical or biological processes.

Millions of ultra thin water droplets are atomized in the environment.

The neutralizer droplets gather around the gas odor, eliminating it.