Livestock Cooling with Misting

Livestock Cooling

Misting systems are an effective solution for reducing heat stress in livestock and increasing their productivity. These systems provide a cool, comfortable environment for all types of poultry, hogs, cattle, and horses. Misting helps to reduce mortality rates, improve growth, increase egg production, and enhance breeding cycles.

For broilers, layers, and breeders, misting reduces stress and improves overall health. This leads to increased appetite and growth in broilers, more eggs and higher quality eggs in layers, and improved activity and egg production in breeders. Farrowing sows also benefit from misting with increased appetite and milk production resulting in heavier litters at weaning. Cows also experience reduced heat stress and improved milk production with misting systems.

In the equestrian world, misting systems aid in conditioning and acclimating horses to withstand high temperatures during competitions. This allows them to perform at their best and avoid heat-related issues.

Minimum Operating Costs

Easy installation, minimum maintenance and low energy consumption. There are many proven cost-effective uses for evaporative cooling that make it the preferred choice. The installation and operating cost of Misting Systems can be much lower than traditional air conditioning.


Increases egg, milk, and meat production

Reduces animal heat stress

Reduces water and energy consumption

Extends breeding period and growth rate

Results in cleaner, drier surroundings

Dust suppression and Odor control