Greenhouse Cooling & Humidification with Misting


Greenhouse Cooling & Humidification by Misting

Misting systems are used with enormous advantages to keep the right climate inside greenhouses of any dimension.

Misting systems (or Fog systems) play an important role in the greenhouse climatic control. Misting systems are also used with enormous advantages to keep the right temperature and humidity in the environment, under conditions of forced or natural ventilation. In summertime the quick evaporation of the fog will cool the greenhouse due to the principle of evaporative cooling, meanwhile it humidifies the environment in case of low relative humidity. During the wintertime the system keeps the correct humidity rate preventing the dehydration of the crops caused by heating systems. The environment produced by our system is appropriate for the most delicate crops (ex. the growing of young seedings, the cultivation of tropical plants and in bloom plants) where it is not possible to use traditional spraying methods like standard spraying.

Fog system works on a pressure of 1000 PSI (70 Bar) and it is designed to produce water droplets smaller than 5-10 microns diameter that, for theirs dwarfish size remains suspended in the air for a long time producing the fog effect.

Typically all growers have the problem of low humidity and high temperatures. Serious problems occur when the humidity in the greenhouse environment drops below 30% RH. Plants will suffer and typically slow or halt the growing process. In fact, many greenhouses in arid conditions close down for the summer months until ambient temperatures will reduce to an acceptable level.

Low Cost Systems

Very low cost of our systems are an important aspect of misting in greenhouse, if compared to other solutions for the climate control. The energy costs are low, simple and fast installations, considering that the systems are supplied in various solutions or D-I-Y Kits, or by the simple solutions of quick couplings. Our systems are designed to operate with very low costs and with a minimum maintenance.


Increased general productivity of the greenhouse

Speeds up plants growth

Keeping of constant humidity levels

Lower water consumption for the irrigation

Growing of a reproduction plants stock in the greenhouse

Suitable for chemical spreading (fertilizers, insecticides)

Less humidity need

The correct micro-climate in any season

Less shading needed