Dust Suppression


Dust Suppression

High pressure misting systems are the most appropriate solution for outdoor and indoor small and large areas, to suppress dust generated by materials handling or manufacturing processes in general. Misting systems create a high concentration of ultra thin water droplets with an average diameter of 10 microns (with the possibility to add surfactants in some cases), having the ability to capture and suppress PM10 and smaller particles. Surfactants instantly blanket suspended dust particles, increasing their weight and driving them to the ground. Misting system helps removing effectively 0,1-1000 micron breathable dust particles: dust agglomerated in thick mist has few way of escape! Thanks to their modular structure, systems allow a very easy installation, unlike some other dust control technologies that require upgrading the production sites and consequently resulting expensive in costs and poorly flexible on the whole.

Benefits of humidified air

Misting system is customized and modular, as regards every particular situation, according to: the configuration of the emission point, the typology of the machinery to treat, the quantity and quality of dust produced. Easiness and small–sized nozzles and tubing allow an easy-to-handle mounting near machinery to treat . Mounting is easy and does not require neither special planner projects nor permits. While mounting a system, industrial plants do not require to be neither stopped nor modified. The working is completely automatic and does not need any special attention. Furthermore, in the event of production process stop, misting system is interrupted with resulting saving. Due to their special design, nozzles can be fully cleaned. Maintenance is minimum and unit components are not subjects to particular wear. It is possible to treat yards and heap storages. Surfactant is biodegradable. The required quantity of water used in dust suppression is low and the residual humidity on materials at the end of the process is quite null.

Misting systems are installed in painting units, quarries, mines, stone crushers, gravity flow places to conveying belts, truck yard ramps, hoppers unloading, suppression of dust produced by steel mills and cement factories, ships loading and unloading points, ores, rocks and coal storages, recycling plants and inert processing. Units will be placed near materials gravity drop places, where the concentration of fugitive dust particles is larger in diffusion and in surface.

Airborne particulates that are naturally exist in the environment or resulting from production processes

Millions of ultra thin water droplets are atomized in the environment.

Droplets capture dusts particles, driving them to the ground.