High Pressure Pump (PREMIUM)

High Pressure Pump (PREMIUM)

Product Code: MEC307020, MEC307021, MEC307022, MEC307023, MEC307024 MEC307025

Quick Overview

These professional high pressure pumps offer the best solution for small and medium misting systems with flow rates ranging from 0.6 up to 6 liters/min. driven by single-phasemotors. High quality components like ceramic pistons, brass head, long lasting professional seals, ensure reliability and a long lasting operation. These pumps are designed to build cheapmisting systems installations, with same performances and quality standards of a heavy-duty professional high pressure misting pump

Technical Features
+ professional high pressure pump
+ working pressure 70 bar (1000 PSI)
+ 3 ceramic pistons, brass head
+ pressure regulating valve, built-in by-pass
+ glycerin filled pressure gauge
+ inline mounted solenoid valve
+ heavy duty industrial motor 2 HP, 1450 RPM, self ventilated
+ thermal overload protection
+ ON-OFF switch
+ pressure switch to protect pump against dry running
+ anti-vibration rubber feet
+ noise level: 60 dB(A) (average)
+ manufactured in compliance with CE regulation

QES: units supplied with QES low noise motors (Quiet Engine System)  offer low consumption and ensure great reliability.

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