Outdoor Cooling with Misting

The ability to cool outdoor areas depends on one major factor - the wind. With either light wind or no wind you can achieve some remarkable results depending on temperature and humidity . Normally speaking in outdoor areas it is advisable to use .012" nozzles. (The exception being areas with extremely high humidity-60% and above.)

Cooling outdoor areas is relatively straight forward and can be broken into 2 different types:

Athletic and Amusement Cooling
In this type of cooling, the people don't mind getting damp, and more often than not prefer to. Generally, fans are placed at head height, so people can stand directly in front of the fan.

When cooling a large area where the people don't want to notice the moisture. The fan(s) should be set at their highest level with the fan, aimed slightly above the horizon with the oscillation set to match the area being cooled. If possible place the fan 10-20' behind the area to be cooled. This will allow the cooled air to settle and keep the units sound from being bothersome.

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