MOBICOOL 4x0.20mm nozzles

Product Code: MEC600090

Quick Overview

Portable misting fan MOBICOOL 4x0.20mm nozzles
This is a stand-alone, high-pressure, low-noise misting fan for outdoor cooling. Thanks to the built-in pressurization system, MOBI-COOL is capable of mixing atomized water to the airflow, thus producing a cooling effect all around.
Finally! Enjoy a cool summer also outdoor and without fixed installations. MOBI-COOL is really a special fan, quiet, effective, fully autonomous with a high capacity water tank that guarantees from 3 up to 5 hours of autonomy.
MOBI-COOL is quiet, its electrical QES motor an pump are noiseless, less than 55 DB noise emission, thanks to a low consumption technology designed for applications in environments requiring low noise emissions.

Pump typeFlow rateNozzlesVolt
Mobicoollpm / gpmnos./sizeV-Hz
MTC600080 900 rpm0.31 - 0.084 x 0.008"230-50 or 220-60
MTC600081 900 rpm0.18 - 0.054 x 0.006"230-50 or 220-60

MobiCool 900 with 6P motor, 950 RPM, noise level 58dB (average)

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